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  1. farhana Jan 08, 2016

    Hey guys! It's been years since I last visit this group.

    Anyone hype with the new DGM anime?

  2. temarigenius Nov 04, 2013

    I can't believe I missed such a great occasion to do some kind of DGM event!
    But now that DGM is hiatus, its quite hard to gather people here~ T.T
    I am going to try to create a DGM artwork (hopefully soon) when I get some inspiration~ And hope that'll motivate people to come back here <33

    fishshell~ We are all waiting faithfully for the next chapter >.<
    Hope Hoshino-sensei has already fully healed up! And Hopefully she gets lots of motivation and inspiration to continue drawing DGM!

    GloriaChan~ Love the scans you submitted! <333 Thank you so much for submitting them!
    They are hilarious hahaha xD

  3. GloriaChan Aug 18, 2013

    Hello there :3
    I made some scan of D Gray - Man, check them in my gallery <3

  4. fishshell May 27, 2013

    Anyone knows when are they releasing chapter 219? It has been months of waiting and I am still waiting faithfully T.T

  5. aozoraskies Jan 25, 2013

    Yo, if any of you are interested, some cool peeps are setting up an event blog for D Gray Man on Tumblr:

    Basically, they'll make themes and people can submit art, fic, amvs, anything in line of those themes. They're aiming to make the fandom livelier! Sounds good to me.

    They'll start when they have 50-60 members interested in contributing. Rn there are about 29 so.. If any of you guys are interested, give it a go! :) (I've joined.)

  6. ToshiroBurrito Dec 30, 2012


    READ IF YOU DARE! xD It's full of spoilers and Allen, so it's pretty awesome!


  7. farhana Dec 25, 2012

    Otanjoubi omedetou Allen Walker :D

  8. temarigenius Sep 25, 2012

    OMG Lavi <333 Cute as always xD We missed you~~ >.<
    Need to see Lavi on the manga soon!~~

  9. ToshiroBurrito Sep 22, 2012

    OMG THIS IS TOO CUTE XD XD >/////< It's a shame, they didn't have Kanda and Lavi derp faces -,- Aww..... XD

  10. temarigenius Sep 22, 2012

    Hahaha true true!
    Too bad there isn't a Kanda and Lavi one too lol~~

  11. ToshiroBurrito Sep 19, 2012

    Nah, I wish XD It was probably photoshop'd XD XD XD XD
    Lenalee and Allen faces are priceless in this pic :P

  12. temarigenius Sep 19, 2012

    LOL. Did they actually do that in the anime o.o?

  13. ToshiroBurrito Sep 17, 2012

    This picture is too funny XD

  14. temarigenius Sep 06, 2012

    Hahaha~ xD Definitely shocked me too when Earl just appeared in front of Allen~
    Normally his entrace wouldn't be this peaceful? xD He would be flying and stuffs lol~
    But this entrace itself is surprising enough~ I missed the Earl xD

  15. ToshiroBurrito Sep 05, 2012

    Omg, such a shocker when the millenium earl appeared. It was a moment of truth u_u I had no idea he was going to appear in front of Allen :P

  16. temarigenius Sep 05, 2012

    woot woot new chapter!~~ Thank for telling~~
    Kanda being as cool as always <333
    As always, Hoshino-sensei has left us with lots of mysteries >.<

  17. ToshiroBurrito Sep 04, 2012

    Wow! I feel like I haven't been active here for centuries XD Lol, well haven't seen any new chapters lately XD I hope to see more in the future :P Who knows what's going to happen to Allen Walker ;D

    merged: 09-05-2012 ~ 04:06am
    *starts fangirling* XD XD

  18. temarigenius Aug 15, 2012

    Farhana!~~ <333 Come visit more! xD

    Personality-wise, I think that Kanda has became kinder too!~ Actually I thought that he was actually a nice person, but he just doesnt shows it. So the changed in the drawing style now probably just shows more of his kindness directly? xD
    Oh yup and Allen's hair became quite curly~ I'm really not used to that... But I guess it's to show that he's becoming more and more Noah o.o And yea I get what you feel lol xD The last chapter felt somewhat like Hoshino-sensei fooling around...

    Krory and Jasdevi fight was really cool~ Re-read it a few times~ Been awhile since we've seen Krory in action~

  19. Zefie Aug 12, 2012

    Haha, you said it Temari ! Maybe Hoshino really wanted Kanda look kinder ~ though I personally think it's cause of Alma Karma. To think of it that Alma and Kanda were like shirt and butt when they were kids and seeing Alma again suddenly in so different of shape might have been quite traumatic... but also waking up lots of memories etc from their relationship. Okay, maybe it sounds too... pervy (?) to call it relationship, but I guess you can figure out what I mean xD Anyway, the point is that Kanda wanted to protect Alma since he obviously seemed little scared and sad behind this mask of trying to be angry and all mighty. Though I have to admit that the scene of Alma and Kanda dying together seemed like this overly romantic Disney ending when the prince finally finds his princess ~ though this is one of thise good-and-still-bad endings of the "love story"...

    Now then back to the art style ~ I really didn't notice that much of change around volume 9 like you said, but since then the style has changed bit by bit. I liked the fighting scenes against the Noah too. Especially I liked the fight between Krory and Jasdevi. It was nice dark and bit creepy ~ reminded me a lot from the scenes in the first volumes. For me, I don't like the new looks of the characters, especially Allen's at all >_< His hair and eyes just changed too much for me... It's like the style is too round for me, I liked the sharp edges more xD I don't know, I can't take the story that seriously anymore.

  20. farhana Aug 12, 2012

    Quote by temarigeniusYay! Happy Birthday Lavi and Bookman too!
    Of course~~ Happy Birthday Farhana too >.<~ (Belated~)
    Hope you had great fun on you birthday farhana~~

    Thank you Temari-chan <333333

  21. temarigenius Aug 11, 2012

    Yay! Happy Birthday Lavi and Bookman too!
    Of course~~ Happy Birthday Farhana too >.<~ (Belated~)
    Hope you had great fun on you birthday farhana~~

  22. farhana Aug 10, 2012

  23. temarigenius Aug 01, 2012

    Yes totally, the art style of DGM is one of its most important attraction xD Of course the plot too~
    I liked the drawing style when they was fighting the noahs back then at volume 11 ish~ Kanda so cools~~
    Though at like volume 9 when Allen was in the Asian Branch, I thought that the drawing style was weird~
    So I was thinking that this might be a transition to a new drawing style o.o
    hm but idk, the drawing style recently makes the character look really playful xD like when their eyes looks weird~ sometimes~

    haha~ Hoshino-sensei making Kanda look kinder? xD

  24. Zefie Jul 27, 2012

    I had to participate into your conversations :D ~ I have quite mixed feelings about the changes in the art style. On the other hand it's natural that your style changes and get's adjusted by time to time. But I think the change was quite radical in some points and I find it somehow annoying. I really enjoyed the "older" style, because that's what I fell in love for in the series. Somehow I feel that the style used to be more detailed than now. I haven't noticed much of changes in characters though Kanda and especially Allen has changed a lot ~ in a way can be imagined that Allen matures etc, but then it's not being told anywhere, which makes it confusing. Kanda on the other hand seems more child-like ? His eyes aren't so cool and rough as before, which makes him look bit weird to me.

    I don't know, somehow the series just doesn't have the unique atmosphere anymore which it had before. It's kind of sad that I don't find it anymore so appealing and interesting cause of these changes. Though I think the art had quite big influence on manga that what kind of feeling and especially first impression you get from it. Or what do you guys think ?

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